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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Pie Time!

I. Love. Pie. You say tomato, I say tomahto; you say potato, I say potahto; you say cake, I say PIE. And the holidays mean many opportunities for pie baking. Last Thanksgiving, I baked pumpkin, apple, and apple-cranberry pies for my family. This year, I've simply been charged with apple duty, but my roommate Taryn has been put on pumpkin patrol for her family shindig, so we're making both together!

The daunting thing about pie baking for most people is the crust. But if you resort to buying a pre-packaged crust, you lose out on so much flavor, not to mention the opportunity to boast! Oh, you mean that crust? Yeah, made it from scratch. No biggie. Once you master the crust, the filling is a piece of cake...um...pie. So keep reading below for my favorite crust, pumpkin and apple recipes!

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Anonymous said...

The apple pielettes were very yummy. The boys ate the last few on our car trip home to San Leandro. Great baking, Caity!