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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday Night Football

We've started a glorious tradition this year at my apartment.  Monday Night Football Dinners.  Sometimes we order in (sushi 3 weeks ago), sometimes I cook for everyone (breakfast for dinner last week), sometimes we potluck (this week).
Turkey, beef or potato tacos anyone?
*Homemade guac and multiple bags of chips not pictured.

Because that's what happens when you combine girls who love football and food.  Awesome dinners.  I scoff at the men who probably serve nothing but chips and cheese dip (if that) at their football viewings.

Chocolate Suicide Mini Cupcakes
Oh, and of course I can't let a meal go without dessert.  (Don't worry.  I didn't eat any.  I'm still going strong in the unprocessed world.)

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