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Friday, April 30, 2010

Huckleberry Cafe

http://www.studiogestalt.com/images/identity/hblogo.gifOk, I swear I'll be doing some baking of my own soon...there's a mixed berry pie on order for Monday...but for now I'm going to continue sharing others' baking gems as I come across them.  Enter Huckleberry Cafe in Santa Monica.  If you don't live in Santa Monica, it's worth the drive.  Once you arrive and see the line, it's worth the wait.  And, best part  about the wait?  The kitchen is wide open so you can peek in and see them baking/cooking up a storm!  So cool!  Makes me want to work in a real bakery instead of just my kitchen!  And, of course, their daily pastries are lined up, ready for you to pick and choose.  I recommend picking and choosing all of them.  Went with a group of five and we each ordered our own pastry, then shared.  Anything with fruit is always divine in my mind (seasonal fruit tarts being my choice).  Meal wise?  The real food is just as delicious as the baked food.  I went for the Poached eggs over fresh market vegetables.  And they mean fresh.  The dish is made complete with a perfectly light pesto sauce and bread crumbs to add a bit of texture.  So check out Huckleberry for brunch this weekend!

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