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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chocolatey Chocolatey Goodness

Just a quick link to share...

My friends Megan and Emily manage a blog "Newlywife" that often has delicious, simple recipes.  Much simpler than I tend to make.  Some day I'll try these, even though I prefer baking with natural stuff from scratch.  These just look too good to pass up.  And I'm sure I could tell people I slaved and made them from scratch.  So head on over to Newlywife for their Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies, made with chocolate cake mix.  Yum!

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Megan said...

Thanks for the link Caity Rose! I'm excited to hear how the Glee thing went. You better bring me on set when you get the job ;)

And have you checked out Pioneer Woman's recipes? not simple. very delicious! And check out this intense chocolate cake http://www.newlywife.com/holy-mother-of-chocolate-cake-2-25/