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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Carmageddon Schmarmageddon. I'm ging to a free food/beer fest!

LA was supposed to shut down this weekend.  I still had to get to class this morning, and planed for the worst, intending to give myself an extra hour to get there.  I woke up late.  I left late.  I still got there on time.  Passed about 100 extremely bored traffic control officers on the way to and from.  Pretty funny, considering news coverage included ridiculous quotes like "traffic backups as far as the Mexican Border." My guess is they'll stay bored all weekend.  Apparently everyone stayed inside.

But not me!  Now that I'm back from class, I'm heading outside, because it's a beautiful sunny day on the westside and Culver City is hosting the Eat Real Festival.

Entrance is free.

That's right.  Free.

And all food is under $5.

That's right.  Under $5.

So since you can't drive on the 405 today, come eat and drink away your sorrows with me and the other Westside crazies!

Oh, and at 6pm, there's a Butchery Contest that promises to be riveting.

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