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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An Experimental Tart

Lesson learned: Do not attempt to make Creme Fraiche with lowfat buttermilk.  It will just turn into creme fraiche-flavored soup.

Improvisation: If you do find yourself with soupy creme fraiche and a group of hungry sorority sisters arriving at your house any minute, fret not!  Whip up some whipped cream with a bit of that lowfat buttermilk and a pinch of sugar for a savory whipped cream that substitutes juuuuuuust fine.

Result: A delicious take on Parisian Restaurant de la Grille's "Tarte aux Fruits Frais."

Here's what you'll need:

PATE SUCREE (Sweet Pastry)
1 Cup All-Purpose Flour
7 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter, chilled and diced
2 Tablespoons Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Salt
3 Tablespoons water

1. In a food processor, or with a pastry cutter, old-school style like me, combine flour, butter, sugar and salt and mix until you have coarse crumbs.  Add water in a steady stream and mix until the dough begins to for a ball.  Flatten the dough into a disk, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for at least 45 minutes.

2. On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough out to a 12-inch circle.  Lay into a 10-inch tart pan and trim the edges.  Prick the pastry with a fork and refrigerate for 20 minutes.

3. Preheat oven to 350 Degrees Fahrenheit.  Line the pastry with aluminum foil and fill with dried beans, coins or pastry weights.  Bake in oven for 20 minutes.  Remove ights and foil.  Re-prick the bottom of the pastry and return to oven, unlined.  Bake an additional 15-20 minutes, until golden brown all over.

4. Allow crust to cool completely before filling.

1 1/2 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream
4 Tablespoons Buttercream
1 teaspoon Sugar

Combine whipping cream, buttercream and sugar in a large mixing bowl.  Mix, starting on low to avoid splashing, then gradually increasing to high, until extremely stiff peaks form.

1 Pate Sucree
Whipped filling
2 Cups mixed berries (preferable fresh, if frozen make sure to defrost and drain first)
1/2 Cup Strawberry Jam thinned with kirsch for glazing (or just leave it out at room temp for a bit, give a good stir, and it'll be fine)

 1. Line bottom of Pate Sucree crust with half of berries, fill crust with wipped cream, arrange remaining berries on top.  Spread jam glaze over berries, as much or as little as you'd like.  Refrigerate until serving...Bon Apetit!

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Megan said...

It is also challenging to make it with sour cream! hahaha