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Monday, November 16, 2009

15 Minute Dessert

Dessert prepped and baked in 15 minutes? And it's healthy? Are you talking crazy, Caity? Negative.

I can't always get to the farmers' market to buy my produce, and I find when I buy fruit at the supermarket, it goes bad quite quickly. Especially the apples. Even when it's apple season. What to do with the over-ripe apples? I can't toss 'em, I'm on a tight budget here, people, so I bake 'em! 1 apple+cinnamon+jam if you'd like+15 minutes max=delicious dessert and an aroma in your kitchen that will make the neighbors jealous. Here's what you need:

1 Apple (or more...bake as many as you'd like! Oh, it doesn't have to be over-ripe, it just is a great way to eat those grainy apples)
1/2 tsp Cinnamon per Apple
1 tsp Jam per Apple

Turn on Oven (or toaster oven, even simpler) to 350 Degrees Farenheit. Quarter your apple(s) and set them skin-down on baking sheet. Spread jam and sprinkle cinnamon on apple(s). Bake for 10 minutes in oven at 350 (you don't even have to wait for the oven to completely heat up). Eat!

Now to get creative...I've made these with just cinnamon, cinnamon sugar, brown sugar, pumpkin butter, boysenberry jam and cinnamon, the combinations are endless, and all are delicious. So pick whatever topping you please and everyone will think you slaved away at dessert! This also makes a fantastic mid-afternoon or late-night snack when you're craving sweets but don't want to down an entire bag of chocolate chips, which I swear I've never done.

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